NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
alecAbstraction Layer for Escape Codes Dimitrije Dobrota2024-03-05 22:23
cabinSource code for personal website Dimitrije Dobrota2023-12-30 23:45
chessTerminal based Chess trainer using Anki Dimitrije Dobrota2022-09-17 19:15
doaskuSudoku solver Dimitrije Dobrota2024-06-20 18:53
dotfilesClean dotfiles Dimitrije Dobrota2024-02-25 22:43
golImplementation of Conway's Game of Life writen in C Dimitrije Dobrota2022-06-20 18:59
kiloKilo: minimal text editor written in C Dimitrije Dobrota2023-04-18 19:42
leetcodeSolution to some Leetcode problems written in C++ Dimitrije Dobrota2024-06-20 17:58
paneTermbox2 based terminal UI library Dimitrije Dobrota2022-09-15 09:56
poaflocpoafloc - Parser Of Arguments For Lines Of Commands Dimitrije Dobrota2024-06-14 17:59
stagitFork of stagit - for personal repository Dimitrije Dobrota2021-09-03 21:21
stamdA static markdown page generator written in C Dimitrije Dobrota2022-09-14 19:03
stamenStamen - static menu generator Dimitrije Dobrota2024-06-14 18:49
stellarStellar - UCI Chess engine written in C++20 Dimitrije Dobrota2024-06-20 18:36